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Roku Com link Account Activation

In the world of online streaming services, Roku is the most innovative streaming idea that was ever formulated and implemented to give world’s population the access to first class TV entertainment, movies, news, sports, music, etc. Giving users an unparalleled streaming experience, Team takes great pride in being the number one streaming service providers in the world.In the entertainment technology, you have witnessed many streaming devices and entertainment platforms come and go but Roku streaming devices have outmatched all those platforms with a light years distance. So. let’s start setting up and activate your Roku player with account.

How to Setup your Roku Streaming Device

Setting up your Roku Streaming Device on your TV set is not as difficult as one might think. In fact, you can enjoy Roku on 4K resolution TV and steps for setting up Roku on an HD, Full HD, and 4K TV all remain the same.

Steps for Setting up your Roku Device with TV:

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    1. Attach your Roku device to your TV for Roku TV setup using only the company provided HDMI cable, power adapters and power cords.
    1. Plug one end of the HDMI cable in your Roku streaming device and the other one in your TV’s HDMI port or use composite cables if your TV model is old.
    1. Plug your Roku Streaming device to a stable power supply connection and turn the device on.
    1. You will see a Roku logo on your TV screen alluding to the successful startup of your Roku device.
  1. You will be asked for making the selection of Roku system language. Press the “OK” button on your Roku remote control and select a language from the drop-down menu.

(Note – Choose the language very carefully as after selecting a language, the menu and every other content on the screen will be displayed in the language selected at this point.)

    1. On the next screen, your Roku device will ask you to connect to a network. You can either connect to a wired network using an Ethernet cable or a wireless network using Wi-Fi. To connect to a wireless network, select ‘Connect to your network’ then ‘Wireless’ and select your Wi-Fi network. Enter the password and you are done.
    1. Roku has an In-Built feature to automatically search for software updates once established to a network and download it if any updates are available.
  1. Your device will restart after doing any software updates and will display your Roku activation code on the screen.

After following the above-given steps, you would have successfully setup your Roku Device on your TV.

Easy Guide to Setup Roku.Com/Link Account

Get ready to invite your family and friends for a movie night at your house or simply stream live sports. Share the class apart streaming experience of Roku with your mates and witness the real fun of streaming online together. Obviously, in order to get your hands on thousands of channels on Roku, you first need to setup and Roku device and activate  account.

Complete Guided Account Activate Process:

You need to setup your Roku device first before linking your account. Scroll down to the setup guide if you already haven’t set up your Roku model.

    1. Open a web browser on your mobile or desktop and visit or search ‘‘ in the URL or search bar. If your browser does not navigate you to the Roku Link page then choose the option from or any other search engine’s search results.
    1. Enter the Roku com link code which you see on the TV screen in the ‘Link Code’ box to link your Roku streaming device with your account.
  1. If you already have a working Roku account then you can safely login with that account.

Tips For New Roku Users who do not have a Roku com link Account

Netflix, Hulu, Google Play Movies, Sling TV, HBO Go, Starz com. CNN, Fox News, YouTube, etc., so many mind-blowing streaming facilities you get on the expertly crafted Roku devices. You really need to hurry and create your Roku account to enjoy all these channels or else you will be missing a lot of fun.

Guide for Sign up a new account at the first time:

    1. Visit on your web browser (or you will be automatically landed on the account creation page if you are following the process of activation) and enter all the details asked for.
    1. Agree to their terms and condition and press ‘continue.’ If you do not agree to the company’s terms you cannot use Roku streaming services.
    1. You will be asked to create a Roku transaction PIN.
    1. In case if you were linking up your Roku device to a Roku com link account, then you will be provided with a congratulatory message.
  1. Add channels from Roku channel store and enjoy happy streaming.

Add thousands of streaming services and platforms like Netflix, and various channels like Starz, Fox News, etc. and stream on your Roku device.

(Note – Not all streaming platforms and channels on Roku will be free so you will need to pay to enjoy the premium channels. Proper information about the paid channels and their payment method will be provided to you in the Roku Channel Store.)

How to use Roku Player after activation

Once you have activated your Roku device, you are ready to experience the grace and charm your Roku device streams with. In order to stream anything on Roku, you first need to add your favorite channels to your device from the ‘Channel Store’. After adding the channels, activate them by entering the channel activation codes which you received after adding the channels into the channels’ respective activation sites. After the activation of a channel, you can start streaming. You can also purchase Roku add on-demand channels from the ‘channel store’ and enjoy full features of Roku.

Roku Technical Support:

A man is not made perfect, so how can the devices made by him be. Sometimes, the users are not able to access the Roku device or activate or perform the setup successfully due to lack of knowledge. Sometimes the device itself malfunctions and causes the users trouble, this usually happens in very rare cases as your Roku device is certified first for any software and hardware issues before making it to your house. Still, if in any case a problem comes up or the user needs support to clear his doubts and understand the device functioning, you can query us anytime. Make a free call on our technical phone support and our executives will solve your problem within no time.

Get Support for some common issues related to

Although the chances of problems showing up in your Roku device are very rare, we are here to solve these and many other issues:

Roku com link issue

    • Roku com link account activation
    • Unable to find Roku activation code
    • Support for channel activation
    • Freezing issues
    • Roku activation code is not valid
    • Playback issues
    • How to find URL
    • Issues in Roku remote control
    • How to find Roku com link
    • Help for Roku error codes
  • Wireless network issues

Troubleshooting Tips for Roku Device Models

Roku devices have an in-built HD, Full HD and 4K quality streaming functionality if you have a 4K or Full HD enabled device. Sometimes an issue arrives while accessing Full HD content on a Full HD enabled TV which does not allow the user to stream at the full resolution of their TV screen. This usually happens due to the HDMI cable being plugged in the wrong HDMI port of the TV. Similarly, there can be streaming issues due to bad internet connection or router problems. Audio can also suffer quality issues if the cables aren’t properly plugged. Remote controller will not function properly if there is a problem with the batteries. Sometimes, the problem is not with the device itself but it arises due to little negligence, hence troubleshooting these problems is very easy. Below are the solutions to solve many small Roku problems.

  • Not able to play a specific video

Sometimes specific videos that you might want to see do not load on your Roku device.

  • Frequent buffering issues

A video does not stop buffering and buffers very frequently.

  • Not able to play the videos on any channel

This problem usually occurs due to no network availability.

  • Inability to play the video in good quality

Solutions to solve these Simple Roku Issue:

#1 If you are not able to play a specific video on Roku

This problem can be very annoying because we all know how much everyone loves their favorite TV series. However, fixing this problem is very easy. Sometimes the user’s channel subscription is over because of which the videos on the channel do not load. In this case, the user needs to subscribe to the channel again or watch the video on another Roku channel.

If other videos on the same TV channel are working but the one which you are trying to watch does not, contact Roku technical support.

#2 Frequent buffering issues in Roku (buffering issues

If a video on Roku keeps buffering frequently or takes too much time buffering, it means that your Roku streaming device is connected to a slow internet connection. Check your internet connection first and ask for more bandwidth from your ISP to resolve this problem.

#3 Videos not playing on any channel (Roku com link / No videos)

In the scenario of such a problem, the reason is obvious that your Roku device isn’t connected to an establish internet network. You can try the following to check your Roku device’s network connection status.


  1. to ‘Settings>Network.’
  2. Check that the network connection status is ‘connected’.
  3. If the status is ‘not connected,’ you need to set up a wireless connection. (Note – Try restarting your Roku device and router. Disconnect all other devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi network before following the next step to reduce the congestion on your network.)
  4. Go to ‘Settings>Network>Wireless>Set up Wireless Network’ and again connect the device to your Wi-Fi network.
  5. If the status changes to ‘connected,’ the videos on your Roku device will start working.

#4 Roku remote issues (Roku remote

Within the box of Roku, comes two remote controls, one standard IR remote and one Enhanced point-anywhere remote. The IR remote control uses infrared rays to transfer the user input to the Roku device and needs an abstract linear connection between the remote and Roku device for proper functioning. The Enhanced point-anywhere remote will even work if you point it in the opposite direction on your Roku device, hence, point-anywhere. Usually, these remotes are very easy to handle and function very well but if you are facing any problems with these remotes then you can try the following solutions.

Choose the right direction

If you are using the IR remote, due to the direction-based functionality method of IR remote, you need to point it directly towards the direction of the receiver of your Roku device. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the device. Try moving closer to the streaming device as sometimes the distance between the IR remote and the device is too large for giving the signal.

Reset your power batteries

If the problem still exists in an IR remote after pointing it towards the right direction and moving closer to the Roku device. And if it exists in the Enhanced point-anywhere remote, then try resetting the power batteries by opening the battery compartment.

Replace the power batteries

If resetting the batteries in case of both the IR remote and Enhanced remote do not work, you need to replace your power batteries with the new ones. Purchase good quality power batteries for the remote controls and replace the old ones placed in the battery compartment.

Switch to IR/Enhanced remote or Purchase a new Roku remote control

If your IR remote is still not working after trying all the possible solutions. You can always switch to the Enhanced point-anywhere remote. Vice versa if you are having trouble with the Enhanced remote. Only as a last resort, you will need to purchase a new IR or Enhanced remote if they stop functioning.

More Troubleshooting Tips for Roku Enhanced point-anywhere remote control

Enhanced point-anywhere remote has the ability to connect to your wireless network. In order to resolve Roku remote troubleshooting issue, get your Enhanced remote working, you first need to pair it with your Roku streaming device. When the pairing is complete, your TV screen will display you a pairing successful message.

For eliminating an issue in your Enhanced point-anywhere remote control you try the following solution

Reset both your Roku remote and Roku device

    1. Follow the steps given below to reset your Roku remote and device:
    1. Remove the back panel of your Enhanced Roku remote and remove the batteries.
    1. Turn off the power and remove all the power cords from your Roku device.
    1. After waiting a few seconds, reconnect the power cords to your Roku device.
    1. Turn on the power.
    1. Once you see the Roku home screen, insert the batteries in your remote control’s battery compartment.
  1. Re-Pair the remote with your Roku device.

If your Enhanced Roku point-anywhere device does not start functioning. Trying all the above-given methods then you need to purchase a new Enhanced Roku remote.

Solve all the troubles and issues you face on your Roku device at We provide unmatched and quick customer service 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have established our team of the best technical experts by selecting only the most skilled, proficient and experienced engineers from all over the world. Contact us right now to solve any of your Roku device problems.