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How to Activate Starz Play without Cable Subscription | Starz com Roku

How to Activate Starz Play without Cable Subscription

Probably, Starz play is a subscription-based streaming service. But users can stream Starz channel through a Roku player. As we know, Roku is a popular streaming device; you can find every kind of entertainment on this platform. The Roku users can get over 40,000+ streaming channels which include Movies, TV shows, On-demand, Live TV, Music, Sports, Educational, health and much more.

Although, there are many services are available on your Roku channel store like Netflix, Hulu Live, CNNGO, HBO GO, Nowhere TV, activate etc. Sometime Roku channels required a cable subscription to play. Further, if you want to activate a particular channel from TV everywhere category, then a cable subscription is required for accessing TV Everywhere channels.

Starz play is also a popular streaming service. It is not necessary to take a cable subscription if you want stream Starz to play at your home. Before this, Netflix mostly uses to get entertainment at home. But some users find that Netflix is not satisfying them with its streaming contents. Nowadays the latest channel Starz play gives competition to Netflix channel. However, both are streaming services available on Roku channel store. Further, if you have a Roku player then you can watch this channel without a cable subscription.

Well, Starz play can be watched through Roku channel store or Roku com link account. The Starz play channel is the best entertaining platform for every viewer. Further, you can create an account to stream Starz channel on your Roku player. Apart from it, the users can download Starz app on their Android devices and iOS, PC.

Here is a list of Starz’s popular shows:

  1. Power
  2. Outlander
  3. American Gods
  4. Survivor’s Remorse
  5. Counterpart
  6. The Girlfriend Experience
  7. Black Sails
  8. Ash vs. Evil Dead
  9. The white princess
  10. The Missing and Magic city etc.

These are the most views shows of Starz channel. You can watch these awesome shows on your big screen. Just visit your Roku channel store and add Starz channel. You do not need to pay any cable subscription charges to watch Starz play channel. There is some easy way to get this channel on your big screen.

Watch Starz through Sling TV

The users can take Sling TV subscription to stream Starz play on their Roku device. The Sling TV Roku channel gives you Starz monthly package subscriptions plans. You can activate any plan to watch starz com activate on your device. Check the Sling TV details from the Roku streaming channels section. If you want to subscribe Sling TV you do not need to pay any cable subscriptions. Simply activate Sling TV from your Roku channel store.

Starz on Amazon Prime

Amazon prime video channel is available on Roku players. The users can subscribe this channel to watch unlimited videos, Movies, TV shows and on-demand contents etc. Moreover, you can stream Starz play channel through Amazon prime. This is another way to get Starz content on your Roku player. So subscribe Amazon prime video on your Roku player, if you already have this channel then sign up for a free one month trial.

That’s all; you can choose one way to watch Starz play without taking a cable subscription. Further, Roku chat support team is always ready to help you. When you find any difficulty in your Roku player just communicates with our professionals.