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How to Activate UBible Roku Channel | UBible Roku Channel Activation

How to Activate UBible Channel on Roku Device

UBible Roku Channel Activation
UBible Roku Channel Activation

The UBible channel is recently launched by Roku streaming device. Further, it is a screensaver channel application that can be activated on your Roku device. Furthermore, the application will show an UBible quote whenever the TV is idle. However, you have to activate screensavers on your device to appreciate this channel.

Easy Steps for UBible Roku Channel Activation:

In the event that you need to get UBible Roku Channel Activation, at that point you require a PC or cell phone to add this channel to your Roku account. Else, you can affix the channel rapidly to your device. You should follow the beneath procedure to add the channel to your Roku account.

  1. First and foremost, open a web browser from your devices, for example, computer or mobile.
  2. Go to the Roku channel store.
  3. Then proceed to the screensavers tab or quickly access the search box on the homepage.
  4. After that, locate the UBible Roku Channel.
  5. Now tap on Add channel choice to include the channel.
  6. Presently, move to your login account page where you should enter your Roku account details.
  7. Once you log in completely, enter your PIN
  8. Afterward, move to settings menu from your Roku device afterward open the screensaver choice.
  9. A screensaver will not be part of My Channel list.

Screensaver menu settings

  1. The first task you should do, power on your Roku device and access the home screen from your Roku remote control.
  2. Go to settings menu by utilizing the directional keys.
  3. Then open the Screensaver menu to get to the particular settings.

Presently, that you have located the menu settings, you need to pick an appropriate UBible Roku Channel Activation screensaver. Additionally, you have to pick a wait time for this screensaver to show up on your TV display.

Guidelines to change the screensaver

  1. Initially, open the screensaver choice from your TV screen.
  2. Then you can view a list of accessible screensavers shows up on your device screen.
  3. Choose UBible screensaver app from the list.
  4. Now you will see a checkmark in the selected option.

Wait time settings

  1. Firstly, under the Screensaver menu, pick the Wait-time choice.
  2. Then pick either wait time for the screensaver or cripple the current screensaver.
  3. Click on “OK” button from your Roku remote to verify whichever determination you have made.

Hopefully, users have activated UBible on their Roku devices. Further, if you experience any issue while install UBible channel on Roku player, at that point you no need to worry about that simply visit roku com link support. Our Roku professional teams are available to deal with your concerns.