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Add/Remove Roku Channels - Roku.Com/Link for Setup Private Channel

Add/Remove Roku Channels

As we all know, Roku gives you the right to add/remove channels from Roku channel store. Besides this, users can also remove channels from their Roku channel list if they want. Users can check all provided Roku channels from the Roku channel store as well as setup. Moreover, you can check through category option. In addition, we have a list of popular Roku channel and apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Plex, Sling TV, Amazon, Vudu, PBS, HBO and much more.

How you can add channels from your Roku Device

add roku channels

  • First and foremost, push the home button to view the main screen.
  • Next, pull down and choose the streaming channel to view the channel store.
  • Afterward, push fast forward or rewind on your Roku remote to jump up one page at a time
  • Moreover, if you wish to know more about channels, push Ok on your Roku remote.
  • Furthermore, when the channel is free, then you have to take: Add channels to install the channels.
  • If the channel is paid, then click on Buy option.
  • Afterward, you need to enter Roku activation code.

Manage your Roku device:

  • Firstly, press the home key on your Roku remote control to open the main screen.
  • Afterward, find the My Subscriptions option in the given ways:
  • From channel lineup
  • Open the home screen.
  • Find and select the subscription channel.
  • Press star from your Roku remote control.
  • From channel store:
  • Select the streaming channels.
  • Browse the subscription.
  • Push Ok.
  • Moreover, if you find the subscription, then choose Manage subscription to view the details related to channels.
  • Furthermore, choose the Cancel Subscription to unsubscribe. In addition, you can also discard the channel quickly or can wait to keep it for a remainder.

Manage the Web:

  • Open the browser on your computer device and then move to Roku official site.
  • Afterward, log in your account
  • When a Login page will appear on your screen, tick on Manage your Subscriptions.
  • Furthermore, now, My Subscriptions page appears on your screen. You can also view all your subscriptions with the terms and conditions applied to it.

NOTE: The subscriptions you acquired from the outside of the Roku Channel Store are not accessible on this page.

  • Choose Unsubscribe or any other option according to your choice.

How to Manage Roku private channel

You cannot view every Roku channels from a Roku channel store few channels are Hidden. Moreover, Roku hidden channel also called Roku private channels. Some channels want membership as well as they are hidden.

How you can activate Roku private channel

Now you need to add private channels to your Roku. Moreover, that way is often completed in your web browser because there is no another way to access private channel code on the Roku itself. To activate the Roku private channels you have to follow the below instruction:

add hidden private channels on roku

  1. First of all, sign in to your account.
  2. After login, open my account page and click on “Add a channel”.
  3. Make sure you are using that Roku account which accounts you previously linked to your Roku device.
  4. In addition, go to your Roku. The channel will display on your Roku within 24 hours. Whenever it axiomatically checks for modernizing, although you no need to wait.
  5. Moreover, if you want to check for download the private channels quickly.
  6. Then go to setting and afterward, choose System
  7. Then move to system update and go to check now option.
  8. After completing the all above steps your Roku axiomatically downloads a latest private channels which channels you are added.

Start watching the private channels

When the private channel is fully installed, that will display on your Roku home screen. Moreover, the private channel also comes from Roku channel store. It will be directly modernized if the update is available.

Add and Remove channels

If you want to add or eliminate channels from your Roku device, then you must create an account on A Roku account act as a cache for your channels details, credit card details, and other details. Moreover, to add a channel, you have to enter the Roku activation code and then channel added to your channel store.

When you find the channel you want to add to your list and want to download then you have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to the channel store.
  • Afterward, select an option Add channel and confirm the selection.
  • Furthermore, for the security, you have to add your PIN code.
  • After that, repeat the above steps as it if you wish to add other channels.
  • Once you complete all above steps, move to the home to exit the channel store.

How you can remove the installed channels

  • All channels added to the home screen if you want to remove the channels, select the * option from your remote control.
  • Next, select the “Remove channel” option and press the OK button from your Roku remote. It will eliminate the channels axiomatically.
  • Repeat these steps to remove additional channels.
  • But if you want to delete the subscription channels, then you have to discontinue your subscription.

Excluding the installed channels through channel store:

  • Go to the home screen, select the “Streaming Channel” option.
  • Afterward, choose the channels you wish to eliminate and press OK to uninstall them.
  • Click on the remove channel.

How to Create Your First Private Roku Channel

To install the private channel on your Roku device, follow the instructions given below:

  • A Roku Streaming Player with OS 2.7 or updated
  • Roku Software Development Kit for the documentation
  • Web Browser
  • Text Editor
  • Graphics Program
  • Hosting Provider
  • File compression tools.
  • FTP program.

STEP 1: Create an account and set up the directory:

  1. Roku account:
  • First and foremost, you have to create an account on Furthermore, now connect your Roku device to your Roku account.
  • Go for the signup for a developer account of Roku.
  • Once, the signup process completed, enable the developer mode. To enable the developer mode, press some keys on your Roku remote.
  • The key code is as given here: Home 3times, up 2times, Right, Left, Right, Left, and Right.
  1. Directory set up:

You have to create the files for testing the Software Development Kit. Once you create all the directories, download the Software Development Kit on your computer. Now extract all the files into your directory.

STEP 2: Keys and Password for the Development:

To create the keys and password, open your Command Prompt and type telnet 8080. Once all connections established, type genkey at the Command Prompt. Repeat the process again and again until it displays the genkey and password.

STEP 3: Find the SDK directories:

In this directory, open the zip subdirectory and extract the “” file into your testing directory. Open your hosting provider directory for the FTP program.

STEP 4: Create your Content: To create the content, two images and one video file require which support the standard formats.

Moreover, you can also use the graphics program to edit the content.

STEP 5: Edit your SDK files:

Open the XML file and manifest file into the notepad editor. Once you did the editing, save that document.

STEP 6: Upload the File:

Once the document created, upload it to your hosting provider. All the files go to their respective directories after the file uploaded.

STEP 7: Install the Channel on Roku:

Find the test file directory in which you extract the file. Now, compress all the files and add them to the catalog. Moreover, enter the IP address of Roku and open the Roku development app web page. Furthermore, now find the zip file named as Once you found the file, click on Install. If the installation completed successfully, then the channel will display on your screen.

STEP 8: Access the Channel:

  • First, Sign In to your account. Click on My Channels option and select Manage My Channels.
  • Afterward, now, Click on Private Channel option and select Add Private Channels.
  • Next, add the information related to your Private Channel, then click on the save option. More, click on the Publish button.
  • Now you can give the code to access your channel on other Roku devices.

Hope the all above information will work for you. If still, you are facing problems, again and again, then you can take help from support at any time.