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How To Install Top 5 Free Roku Channels

Have you activated your Roku player? Then it’s time to install Roku channels. The users can watch numerous Roku channels on their big screen. Roku streaming device is the best device where users can enjoy all type of channels like free Roku channels & paid channels, Roku movie channels, Music channels and many others. Presently, Roku offers you to watch top free channels. There are some best Roku channels that you cannot miss in any condition. For watch amazing programs without any cost, you need to install on your account.

Steps To Install Free Roku Channels:

  1. Firstly, you should go to your Roku channel store
  2. Then choose your favorite channel from the Roku top channels list.
  3. Next, add the channel to your Roku account.
  4. Now follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. At last, you can see you have added the channel to your Roku channels list.

List of Top 5 Free Roku Channels

The Roku Channel is a free service available on Roku channel store. Now, Install top 5 free Roku channels and enjoy more than hundred free movies & TV Shows etc. Explore some new contents on your big TV’s screen. The channel plays a new movie on every night for your weekend enjoyment.

1. OVGuide

You cannot find this channel on another platform but the OVGuide channel is easily available on your Roku channel store. The users must activate this free Roku channel. You do not need to find this channel on your Roku channel store you can directly download this channel to your Roku player through a browser.

2. Pluto TV

You can watch Live TV with legal way because Pluto TV provides Live contents. If you want to watch live shows such as Sports, News and other programs, install this free channel on your Roku player. Moreover, the Pluto TV has partnerships with MSNBC, NBC News, Sky News and Bloomberg which brings you 24/7 hours coverage of the world’s current situation.

3. Crackle

If you are Roku users then you must be heard this channel, the Crackle Roku channel is popular channel not only for Roku but it available for all platform. There is no subscription fee for old movies, original series and on-demand videos. Hire this channel for your daily enjoyment; just go to Roku channel store and select Top free Roku channels category. From the list, you will see the Crackle channel you need to install it.

4. CBS News

If you love to watch contents such as live TV or News so get this kind of contents from CBS News channel. You can stream breaking news, Headlines, top stories and much more. Simply activate this channel from your Roku channel store. The CBS News Roku channel is free to install, so do not waste your time go and get this channel now.

5. The CW

The CW Roku channel is an official Roku app from the American television Network. The CW Roku channel is completely free to watch, so cable subscription is not required. Further, you can watch on-demand series on your Roku TV.

There is nothing better than free Roku channels, simply visit your Roku channel store and get these free channels immediately. We know free entertainment is very important for Roku users. Moreover, if you want to get more information about top Roku free channel then go to roku com link website. Our Roku experts are looking for your queries.