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Roku Error Code when there is no Wi-Fi connection

Roku Streaming Player requires an Internet connection to stream the content. If there is an obstacle in your Internet attachment, then it pops upRoku Error Code a message with Roku Error Code. When you set up your Roku device, then you are asking for the Internet connection, but most of the user complaints that they suffered from the problem of Wi-Fi connection. They struggled to connect the Roku device with their Wi-Fi connection. So here, find the solutions at to solve this issue.

Whenever you enter the wrong details into your Roku device like you are asking for the Wi-Fi password and you enter the wrong password that does not match with your Wi-Fi password, an error message will appear on your screen named as an error 014.

If you are facing Roku Error Code problem, then fix the problem by using the following steps:

  1. Disable the Network pings
  2. Update your Software
  3. Disable the Network pings: To disable your network pings hold the home key on your remote control and then find the option of ‘Disable network pings’ in the menu. If you try this, then you can easily fix Roku Error 014 and connect with your network. Get knowledge in extent at
  4. Update your Software: If there is no option to disable the network pings, then make sure your Roku device has updated software. If the software of your Roku device is not updated, go for the steps below:
  5. Go for the another network
  6. Run the software update
  7. Disable the network pings
  8. Connect to your Wi-Fi connection
  9. Go for another network: If you are suffering from the network issue then try to use another network. Another is any of these: your mobile’s hotspot or you can establish a wired connection by connecting your device directly to router via an Ethernet cable.
  10. Run the software update to Fix Roku Error Code:

    Once you establish a connection then press the home button regularly and then press forward and rewind buttons on your remote control. A screen named as a secret screen appears on the TV screen. Now select the Update Software option and then wait till the installation is complete and then the device will start reboot. At account you can get more information about the Roku device.

Hope the above details will assist you to detect all Roku Error Code. If you are not able to fix problems by yourself, you can take help from our website roku com link support to know more about Roku updates.