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Roku Tips & Tricks - Must Try for Streaming Success

Roku Tips & Tricks – Must Try for Streaming Success

Are you a Roku user and looking for its best Roku tips & tricks for success streaming. If yes then no need to go place to place. From here, you will get the full detail about the Roku best tricks that will make your streaming very much different than other streaming devices. So, what are you looking for? Buy a new Roku and enjoy its best streaming tricks that will definitely provide you something different.

If we talk about the popularity then Roku is one of the popular streaming players among the Amazon fire TV stick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and much more. And if we talk about the features and tricks then Roku also comes first.

Here is a list of the Roku Tips & Tricks that you will find amazing to use: –

  1. Hidden channels
  2. Movie star quality
  3. Ability to mirror
  4. Stream your favorite stuff
  5. Gaming
  6. Cast your vote

1. Hidden channels:

As we know, Roku supports a huge amount of channels. Some of the added channels will see in the list of the channels but some will not show to you, called hidden Roku channels. These are also known as secret channels. If you want to find out the hidden channels then must watch Roku guide. Make sure your device is linked to your account for finding the hidden channels.

2. Movie star quality:

If you want to change the quality of channel then you can also do this on your Roku streaming player. For instance, you want to set the quality of Netflix then go to login to your account and click on the playback settings.

3. Ability to mirror:

You can send the data of your android device on the Roku by its mirroring feature. For this, just go to settings of the Roku. Next, select system and find screen mirroring feature and enable it. If we talk about the device that supports mirroring then you can buy

  • Roku4: Model 4400 (software v5.6 and above)
  • Roku Streaming Stick: Model 3500, 3600 (software v5.6 and above)
  • Roku3: Model 4200, 4230 (software v5.6 and above)
  • Roku2: Model 4210 (software v5.6 and above)

4. Stream your favorite stuff:

As we know, Roku offers you content from the various service providers. You can enjoy the streaming content from the Netflix, fx networks, Starz com,, Hulu, Plex and from much more. If you want to watch the content Plex on your Smartphone then install the Plex mobile app on your phone. After downloading the app, login to your Plex account and enjoy the best streaming content. Moreover, if you set a personal identification number to your Plex account then without entering it you won’t enjoy the Plex.

5. Gaming:

Well, it is not a PS4 and XBOX one; it is a Roku streaming player. But now Roku is not only a streaming device it becomes the best source of enjoyment. You can enjoy the huge amount of games such as “retro”, “Chop Chop Runner” and Pac-man. For this, just go to the Roku Mobile App and open the game section. As per your choice you can play any game. But some games may be required paid subscription charges pay for them and enjoy them.

Note: You can only enjoy the games if you have completed the process of Activation.

6. Cast your vote:

If you have missed live episodes then you no need to get worried. On the Roku, via YouTube, you can watch them online. For this, go to the YouTube channel on Roku then click on the settings. After this, you will see some number to enter, go to your mobile device open the and submit the code here. Hence, now YouTube app is on your mobile device that you paired and you can send video, photos to your TV screen. Just click on the cast icon and connect both devices to the same network.

Well, this all about the Roku tricks for streaming success. Moreover, you can also enjoy the more Roku tips & tricks such as super news, universal search, set a record etc. Similarly, to learn more about Roku Activation and account get connected with us. For more information or detail you can visit our official website.