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Latest Roku TV Features - Roku Com Link

Roku TV Features – Roku Com Link

Roku TV is available from a huge range of TV companies that manufactured TVs. Once you unpack your Roku TV, you need to attach the base and make all possible connections. After that, complete the setup process. provides a brief overview of the setup Roku TV.

There are more than the interesting features you need to know. You can use the hidden tricks to use the Roku’s advanced features that quietly improve your practice in streaming.

Take a look at the wonders provided by your Roku device.

  1. The Roku channel store provides you with a list of limited channels. Here you can use the Roku guidance. You can click on the desired link and you are redirected to the Roku com link account page.
  2. You can only retrieve the content from your TV. If you want to add or watch your favorite TV shows, then you have to sign up for the Plex. Moreover, Plex will provide you the way to watch your favorite channels on your mobile, TV, and other devices.
  3. You can also retrieve the Netflix with the high quality.
  • Visit Netflix official website
  • Access your account here
  • Select the playback settings then.
  1. You can download the Roku app for your mobile phones. Android, iOs, Windows all are accessible. It makes the searching quite easy.
  2. If you do not acquire the latest model of the Roku, then no need to worry. There are various Roku apps available on the Internet. Download the app which provides the capabilities of Roku Voice Search. Here you can search the content by speaking on the voice search option.

You can use the other advanced feature of Roku streaming player which is known as mirroring. Go to settings then system and after that select the mirroring.