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How To Setup your Roku TV - Roku.Com/Link Activation

How To Setup Your Roku TV

Searching for the Roku setup? Want to setup Roku TV on your account? Oh great! You are at the best place. Well, in this article, you will find all the information related to Roku TV as well it’s set up from here.

Roku TV is a smart TV that is capable of streaming both the features and functionalities of a Roku streaming device. Moreover, from this single interface, you can access the unlimited amount of entertainment related to a cable box, gaming consoles, streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix.Com/Activate, and Vudu etc. now, let’s move towards its set up.

Initials you need for the Roku TV Setup

  1. Wireless internet connection and
  2. Roku com link account

Setup steps for Roku TV

So, find all the steps for setup Roku TV here:

Embed batteries in the Roku remote

Although you all know that Roku comes with the remote. To make it useful, you have to embed a pair of AA power batteries into the Roku remote. For that, open the battery cover and then insert the batteries.

Switch on the TV

Hit button from your Roku remote and you will see the TV’s startup screen

Select language

The startup screen will ask you for the language. You need to choose your preferred language. Scroll down for finding your preferred language and hit

Select a country

You have to select country in order to know about the available TV features in your country

Select home use

For its usage, set it for a home use

Connect to the internet

For making a connection, select your wireless connection from the list of available networks.

  • After selecting the appropriate network, type your password.
  • Now, hit “connect” option
  • One thing always ensures that your TV and Roku must be associated with the same internet connection
  • Once the successful connection has been made; you will see your Roku TV is automatically connected to the network

Download the latest software

After connecting Roku TV to the internet, it will automatically download & install the latest Roku OS software

Create a Roku account

In order to activate your Roku TV, it must be linked to Roku com link account. Moreover, your Roku account helps you to add channels from Roku channel store. Also, with the help of account, you can make any transactions

You can create a account by visiting Once you create your account, Roku will show a unique code on your TV screen. This code is referred as a Roku activation link code.

Hence, for activating your Roku TV, you must have to enter Roku activation code into the and follow the instructions appearing on your TV screen