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How To Setup Crackle on your Roku Device | Crackle Activate

How To Setup Crackle On Your Roku Device

Roku provides more than thousand free channels as well as 3500+ on-demand channels. Moreover, you can use free channel without any subscription. Further, you have to pay for the on-demand Roku channels. First, you need to know about setup Crackle channel before activating it on your account.

Crackle is one of the free Roku channels to view your beloved TV shows and movies. It is a free to watch the TV at anyplace on any devices. Crackle is the place to encounter complete-length Hollywood movies, TV series and new programming in your preferred styles: crime, anime, comedy, horror, music, action and sci-fi. Crackle’s content is constantly delivered unedited, the way it meant to be viewed.

List of Best TV shows on Crackle

  • News Radio Season 4
  • Firefly
  • All in the Family Season 3
  • Huff Season 1
  • The Tick
  • Happy Endings Season 2
  • Mad At You
  • The Shield
  • What’s Happening

Let’s discuss the steps to activate Crackle on your Roku

If you want to view crackle channel on your Roku device, then you need to generate a new account to view the channel.

Few steps to add crackle to your Roku device.

  • The first task you should do, create account
  • Next, enter “First Name”.
  • Then “Last Name”.
  • Now enter Email ID and Password.

To add your Crackle channels on your Roku device.

  • First and foremost, hold “Home” button from your Roku remote.
  • Afterward, choose “Streaming channels” to view the Roku channel store.
  • After that, you need to enter Crackle in Search Channels.
  • Further, you will be required to choose “Add Channel”.
  • At last, enter Crackle code “crackle” in Channel code box.

Once you performed all above steps in a comprehensive way, presently the time to sit on the couch, have some delicious meals and enjoy the movies of your favorite. There are the times when issues arise while activating the Crackle on your Roku device, but if you will all the steps properly in the right way, then you will not get any issue. If you want you can take support to get accomplished guidance. Our experts are always available to sort out your issues