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How You Can Setup Roku Express | Roku Express Installtion

How You Can Setup Roku Express

Roku Express is the latest Roku model that supports 1080p resolutions. Further, Roku express player becomes with standard IR remote control. So, let’s begin to set up your new Roku Express streaming player. Additionally, these Roku models are accessible at reasonable prices.

Step by step instructions to Setup Roku Express:

Roku Express supports any TV via HDMI port. Moreover, Roku Express supports old TV models through composite cables. While you setup Roku Express, you must create account. Follow steps to setup your Roku Express.


  • Initially, you need to make the connection between Roku Express streaming player and your home TV.
  • Moreover, HDMI cable will support you to make the connection. So, plug the HDMI cable into HDMI port on the end of Roku player then your home TV as well.
  • Aside from this, use composite cable to attach Roku Express streaming player to the old TV.

Pick your language:

  • Choose your language that will help you to give text input.
  • Then, use Roku remote control and press “OK” button on it.

Provide internet connection:

  • Good internet strength is required for the best streaming experience. Moreover, use the wireless network connection and connect it to your Roku Express streaming player.
  • So, just select your network name and provide username with the security password. Afterward, get connected to the internet connection.

Download latest software update:

  • Moreover, Roku streaming player has a feature to download the latest software automatically. So, you have to wait for the few minutes.
  • Furthermore, need to wait for the reboot as well as restart process.
  • At last, find Roku activation code on your Roku screen and move further to activate account.

Create Roku account and your Roku Express:

  • Moreover, if you want to Roku Express, then you have to create Roku account because your Roku Express must attach to your Roku account.
  • Furthermore, your Roku account sustains a record of which Roku device you hold and permit you to supplement your favorite TV channels.
  • Furthermore, to activate Roku Express you need to enter the Roku activation After activating Roku account activation code is displayed on your devices such as computer and Smartphone.

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