Stream Local Channels, Weather and News on your Roku Device

Miss the news and weather channels after you left cable? Well, that channel is accessible on your Roku device with their new Local now Roku channels.

How to watch local channels on Roku device?

This is the general inquiry we catch from Roku users. Scroll down to get Scroll down to get Roku channels suggestions.

Best local streaming tips

Let’s discuss the greatest streaming tips;

Local News (TV)

  • The most prominent Roku channels such as Playstation Vue, sling, Hulu with live TV, DIRECT NOW and CenturyLink stream deliver local channels in preferred markets. Moreover, if you are involved in CBS respectively, then CBS all access offers you 126 live and local CBS channels.

Note: These channels require a monthly subscription.

  • Newson provides live and on-demand local newscasts plus local news clips from more than 170 markets.
  • LocalNow gives hyper-local weather, traffic, news and sports info from 207 locations over the country.
  • Be sure to browse the “News & Weather channels” kind of the Roku Channel Store and look for your local associates. Now there are above 100 free local news channels including KHOU Houston, WSB Atlanta, FOX25 Boston and WGN Chicago.

Local news (Radio)

  • TuneIn and iHeartRadio bring your hometown DJs and beloved local stations to you – no matter where you are! Hear to podcasts, sports radio, music, and more.

Local channels via antenna

  • Depending on your place, you may be capable to obtain over-the-air broadcasts from all of the significant networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, and pbs.org/activate, via an antenna.
  • Tablo TV improves your antenna viewing event by allowing you to pause and record live TV.
  • Moreover, if you have a Roku com link device, you need to know about the Live TV Pause trait that allows you to pause up to 90 minutes of live television.


While the channels in the local news section above the cover local weather, the must add channels for weather enthusiasts are Weather Nation also the Weather Network. Both channels provide weather predict tailored for you.

Hope, the above details will help you to stream local channels on your roku.com/link device. Similarly, you can visit our website for getting more knowledge about Roku’s latest channels.

How To Setup Crackle On Your Roku Device

Roku provides more than thousand free channels as well as 3500+ on-demand channels. Moreover, you can use free channel without any subscription. Further, you have to pay for the on-demand Roku channels. First, you need to know about setup Crackle channel before activating it on your Roku.com/link account.

Crackle is one of the free Roku channels to view your beloved TV shows and movies. It is a free to watch the TV at anyplace on any devices. Crackle is the place to encounter complete-length Hollywood movies, TV series and new programming in your preferred styles: crime, anime, comedy, horror, music, action and sci-fi. Crackle’s content is constantly delivered unedited, the way it meant to be viewed.

List of Best TV shows on Crackle

  • News Radio Season 4
  • Firefly
  • All in the Family Season 3
  • Huff Season 1
  • The Tick
  • Happy Endings Season 2
  • Mad At You
  • The Shield
  • What’s Happening

Let’s discuss the steps to activate Crackle on your Roku

If you want to view crackle channel on your Roku device, then you need to generate a new Roku.com/link account to view the channel.

Few steps to add crackle to your Roku device.

  • The first task you should do, create roku.com/link account
  • Next, enter “First Name”.
  • Then “Last Name”.
  • Now enter Email ID and Password.

To add your Crackle channels on your Roku device.

  • First and foremost, hold “Home” button from your Roku remote.
  • Afterward, choose “Streaming channels” to view the Roku channel store.
  • After that, you need to enter Crackle in Search Channels.
  • Further, you will be required to choose “Add Channel”.
  • At last, enter Crackle code “crackle” in Channel code box.

Once you performed all above steps in a comprehensive way, presently the time to sit on the couch, have some delicious meals and enjoy the movies of your favorite. There are the times when issues arise while activating the Crackle on your Roku device, but if you will all the steps properly in the right way, then you will not get any issue. If you want you can take www.Roku.com/link support to get accomplished guidance. Our experts are always available to sort out your issues

How To Install JW Broadcasting App On Roku

About JW Broadcasting App

JW Broadcasting is comprised of Christian programming brought to you by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Before using JW broadcasting on Roku, you must setup your Roku player and install the JW broadcasting app on Roku. Now follow the below guidelines to get started.

Roku Setup

In the event that your Roku player is emphatically connected, at that point, perform the guided setup by following the on-screen directions.

Important: You will require access to the internet from your devices for the guided setup.

While the guided setup, you are assisted to connect your Roku player. To perform this, visit Roku’s official site and enter the Roku activation code on your TV screen. A while later follow the guidance of your devices to create a Roku account. Moreover, you’re TV screen updates once your Roku player has been favorably connected to your account.

Install JW Broadcasting App from a computer

  • Initially, visit the JW broadcasting page in the Roku channel store from your preferred internet browser.
  • Next, if you are not previously logged in, log in to your Roku com link account.
  • Afterward, you must tap on “Add channel” option.
  • If the channel is favorably added, the green Add key is replaced with word installed.

Additionally, if you add Roku channels from a web browser, it does not install the channel on your Roku device it just appends to Roku your channel list.

  • Touch the “Home” button from your Roku remote control.
  • Utilizing the directional keys, navigate to settings.
  • Then hold OK.
  • Under the Settings, choose “System Update” and then hit OK.
  • Presently the system refreshes page loads. Check now should be featured on the right-hand of your gadget screen.
  • Press Ok key.
Also, the Roku player checks for the channel you added to your Roku channel list and introduces it.
  • Move back to your Roku main screen and choose “My Channels” from the main menu.
  • Additionally, this screen demonstrates all the channels you have introduced on your Roku, including JW Broadcasting.
  • Navigate to the JW logo and hold OK to launch JW Broadcasting.
  • Install JW broadcasting from Roku
  • First and foremost, navigate to the Roku home screen.
  • Utilizing the UP or Down arrow from your Roku remote.
  • Then Pull the main menu until Search is highlighted.
  • Hit OK button.

Besides, the Search interface on Roku discovers TV shows, diversions, the on-screen character, executive, movies and stations that match what you type. JW broadcasting is a channel, so search for an item with the channel image next to it. Type on the following keywords to find JW Broadcasting:

  • Jehovah
  • org
  • JW broadcasting
  • JWTV
  • Once JW broadcasting appears in the results list, hold the Right arrow until you have highlighted the channel name.
  • After that, hold OK.
  • Now the “Add Channel” alternative is highlighted.
  • Hold OK again to install JW Broadcasting App on Roku.

Moreover, to stream JW Broadcasting, choose Go to channel option or move back to home screen and find JW Broadcasting under My Channels.

So, that’s all about JW Broadcasting App. For more details, you must visit roku.com/link. Our Roku well experts team constantly available to deal with your concerns.

How To Activate Roku Streaming Device

If you want to activate Roku streaming device, then you have to build www.roku.com/link account because Roku streaming must attach to your Roku account. Furthermore, your Roku account maintains a record of which Roku device you have and allow you to add your selected TV channels. While activating Roku streaming device you have to access the Roku link code.

Steps to Activate your www.roku.com/link Device:

    1. First of all, you need to follow the quick start guide that came with your Roku device.
    1. Next, Follow the on-screen guidance to attach your Roku device to the internet.
    1. Once attached, then your Roku device will prepare to download the advanced version of software if the latest version is available.
    1. After that, you get a Roku activation code that is displayed on your Roku device screen.
  1. Now you need to enter the activation code at Roku’s official website.

Important: While entering roku.com/link URL into your web browser, make sure you type it accurately to avert fake websites.

    1. After entering the code, click on Submit button.
    1. Then follow the guidance on the website to generate Roku account or log in to a previous account.
    1. Once your roku.com/link activate, you have to give a payment method. Further, the payment method enables you to acquire a subscription to successful channels, rent or acquire movies and TV shows or make other acquisition from the Roku channel store.
  1. Additionally, Roku has two payment method options such as credit card and PayPal and you need to choose one of them.
    • In case you prefer Credit card payment method, you require entering your credit card details.
  • On the other hand, if you choose PayPal method, you have to provide your PayPal account details.
  1. Besides, if you want to acquire unapproved acquisitions, then you need to generate a PIN for your Roku account. If you do not have any idea how to create a PIN for Roku account, you must follow the beneath procedure:
    • First and foremost, move to Roku’s official website.
    • Then sign in to your Roku account.
    • Under Pin choices, choose the update option.
  • Pick your Pin from three options:
    • Perpetually need a PIN to make acquisitions and to add items from the channel store.
    • Eternally want a PIN to make acquisitions.
  • A PIN is not needed to make any acquisition or add any item from the channel store.
    • In case you pick either of the first two options and have not generated a PIN, at that point, you will be provoked to enter a four-digit number in the PIN field and pick verify PIN field for confirmation.
    • If you previously have a PIN, then enter your PIN in the verify PIN field.
  • Pick save Changes and agree to the terms of service.

After performing the above steps, your Roku device will be ready to use. If you want for more guidance or more updations, you can visit www.roku.com/link support. Our well-qualified expert’s teams available day and night to give you instant reply.

Top 10 New Year Roku Channels You Should Install Now!

Welcome, 2018 with amazing “New Year Roku Channels”. Roku channel store always updates with various Roku channels. If you have not noticed the new Roku channels yet, then we will give you accomplish details of new Roku channels. The latest Roku channels can be divided into many categories such as food channel, Health channel, sports channel, games channel, Movies, TV & Music etc. Check out full details below of top 10 channels:

  • Roadfood

The new Roku channel Roadfood give a guide to watchers for the best restaurant by visiting local or national food places. This channel is best for food lovers; enjoy the different dishes through Roadfood Roku channel.

  • The Titanic Channel

Mostly, users want to watch contents which are related to documentaries and information. The Titanic Channel gives you more than 200 videos that based on documentaries. Furthermore, there are many different and on-demand videos are available on Roku channel. To watch this channel go to Roku paid channel list from your Roku player.

  • Flying Fish

This is known as a game channel, The Flying Fish is a game; play this game when you are getting bored from those repeated serials and movies. Moreover, The Flying fish game can be played through “Ok” button of your Roku remote control.

  • Music world

Presently this music channel gives you an authority to stream over 20 different categories music videos. Also, it will provide you following contents:

  • Capital TV
  • Heart Music
  • Indies Live – Caribbean
  • Virgin Radio
  • Mind Body Soul

Are you a fitness love? Then the Mind Body Soul is the best channel for you. The Mind Body Soul Roku channel will give you many programs that are related to fitness instruction. Moreover, this latest channel offers 40+ yoga videos, so keep yourself healthy and fit through Mind Body Soul latest Roku channel.

  • Happy Valentines Screensaver

Basically, the Happy Valentines Screensaver channel provides more than six different love screensavers. If you want to activate the Free Happy New Year screensaver channel then you must go to the settings menu of your Roku player.

  • Xirvik Servers

Do you want to watch your mobile data on your big screen TV? If yes, then install the latest “Xirvik Servers” channel on your Roku com link account. It has the ability to access personal media from a Smartphone and transfer it to your TV.

  • SuperPrincessjo

Roku has good news for girls who interested in beauty and new fashion trends, SuperPrincessjo. Roku channel allows you to watch beauty tutorial videos such as hairstyles, makeup, grooming etc.


The WCCC.TV is a cable channel and now available on your Roku streaming device. This amazing channel has education programs as well as entertaining videos. This channel always shows videos on a particular topic such as you can watch either entertaining videos or informative videos.

  • Kweli TV App

Kweli TV App is an on-demand channel; it has a large collection of online movies, documentaries, web videos and news etc. If you want to stream this channel then you must login into Kweli TV App.

That’s all; surely you have like the new Roku channels details. Let’s celebrate the New Year 2018, with wonderful Roku channels. So do not waste your more time just go to Roku channel store and add these latest Roku channels on your Roku account. Besides, Roku.com/link support team always here to keeps you update with Roku’s latest updations.

Get Amazing Roku Snowy Wonderland Screensaver – Roku Channels

Roku is an awesome media player with thousands of streaming channels. The Roku users can get unlimited entertainment from their Roku channel store. Already Roku has been provided many latest and entertaining channels. Now Roku is again ready to give you a special channel called “Snowy Wonderland Screensaver“. Actually, this new Roku channel has amazing Snowy’s screensaver collection. You can vary your big screen TV according to your choice. Well, a screensaver is a beautiful process which covers your TV screen with amazing pictures. The users can also add slow music to their screensaver. Therefore, install the Snowy Wonderland Screensaver app on your Roku com link account. The main advantage of applying screensaver on your device screen, it will reduce the burn-in problem of your TV. The amazing Roku Snowy Wonderland Screensaver included different categories screensavers such as:

  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Polities
  • News and many other.

So would you like to add this new channel on your Roku device? If you are ready to add then follow the below steps:

Activate Snowy Wonderland Screensaver Roku Channel?

  1. Firstly, visit your Roku home screen by using your Roku remote.
  2. Then, click on “streaming channels” option on your Home screen, it will bring you to the channel store.
  3. From the Roku channel store choose the “Popular channels” category.
  4. Now, type the “Snowy Wonderland Screensaver” into the search box.
  5. When you see the screensaver channel in the result list, select that channel and open its details on your screen.
  6. Read the caption and continue to “add channel” option. Once you clicked on add channel option, it redirects to your www.Roku.com/link account.

Note: If you are looking for new year Roku screensaver then type in the search box. Otherwise, paid Roku channels will show “buy” option on your screen.

  1. After that, a screen will ask you for your Roku account PIN, simply enter your PIN and click on continue button.
  2. The Snowy Wonderland Screensaver channel has been activated to your Roku device. Now, enjoy beautiful winter wonderland screensaver on your big TV screen. If you do not have an idea how you can apply the screensaver on your TV screen then continue with coming steps:

How to apply a screensaver on Roku player?

  1. The Snowy Wonderland Roku channel has a large collection of winter screensaver.
  2. From your Roku remote; go to Home screen.
  3. Then double-click on “Snowy Wonderland Screensaver” channel.
  4. Choose your favorite screensaver and click on the apply option.
  5. Now your favorite view is set on your big screen.

It will welcome you to awesome winter pictures and slides when you turn on your TV. Roku always surprises you with different services. However, Roku provides you 24/7 hour help service. When you get any problem from your Roku player, simply visit www.roku.com/link support. The Roku experts will always available to deal with your concerns.

How Do I get an Activation Code For My Roku

Roku streaming device permits you to watch TV shows, Movies, videos and much more through an internet connection. Simply active your streaming device by creating a Roku com link account and activating it with the help of mandatory Roku activation code.

Hereabouts we provide some easy steps to get Roku activation code to your Roku device:

  1. First, attach your home TV to the Roku device using cable.
  2. Next, plug in one end of the cable to the Roku set up a box and the other end of the cable to your TV.
  3. Then pick HDMI option using the input button on the remote control.
  4. Now pick your desired language and follow the on-screen instruction.
  5. Moreover, to connect to your network, select either wired as well as the wireless option:

For the wireless:

  • Firstly, connect to your wireless network by entering the password.
  • After that, sign in to your roku.com/link account.
  • Furthermore, the Roku activation code will be automatically displayed on the screen.
  1. Once you submit your Roku activation code, then your Roku device will be activated.
  2. Also, the screen will update itself automatically.
  3. If you do not already register on Roku account, sign up and fill the required information to create an account.

How to get a new code from Roku?

If you enter the Roku code is not accepted, then move for the help on the home screen and get the new activation code.

Important: Use this code as soon as possible as it expires soon.

If you cannot get the code from your Roku, then make sure your devices are well connected. You can also use another way to obtain the code. Power off your Roku device and turn it on after some time. When your device is switched on, go for the steps given above.

Are you still facing the trouble with your www Roku com link activation code? Well, here we furnish some steps to sort out this kind of issue:

  1. First and foremost, you need to open your Roku account.
  2. Next, move to my link device option to check that the serial number of your Roku player is present there or not.
  3. Further, if there is no any serial number, then move to the help option and get a new code to enter on the Roku’s official site.
  4. Also, you need to wait till the serial number turned into a link.
  5. If still your device is not modernized, then restart your Roku player and repeat the above steps again.

To update the Roku device, may take some time. So, wait till the new code displayed on your screen.

After performing above steps, if still, you encounter same issues, then go for www.roku.com/link support to get relevant solution regarding your issues. We are always available to give you instant results.

Tips & Tricks for hbogo.com/activate Roku.

Hbogo.com/activate is the notable channel on Roku device that clients need to watch on their streaming device. Furthermore, this channel empowers you to see huge debuts and you can stream full scenes of HBO addictive arrangement including West world, Thrones, Big Little Lies and some more. Furthermore, you can get most recent motion pictures every week. Likewise, it gives additional services for news, brilliant syndicated program, comic drama specials, documentaries and some more.

hbogo.com/activateOther than this, hbogo.com/activate empowers you to watch this channel on your tablet, telephone, PC or your associated TV. Presently, here we are outfitting you some simple approaches to activate HBO GO on your streaming device. You have to follow beneath procedure to activate HBO GO on your streaming device.

Step by steps instructions for hbogo.com/activate on Roku:

You can include HBO Go from the distinctive sources, for example, Roku.com/link account, your streaming device or your Roku mobile application. Besides, we are giving steps to each source. Let’s discuss the steps according to your source.

Activate HBO GO utilizing your streaming device:

  1. Initially, access Roku channel store utilizing your Roku remote control
  2. Next, you need to download HBO GO to your streaming device.
  3. Consequently, you have to open HGO GO on your device.
  4. Presently you can choose “Activate Your Device” and get your HBO GO activation code
  5. Remain on that page and enter the activation code on your device.
  6. Afterward, open HBO from your devices such as laptop or PC.
  7. Besides, pick your “Roku” device and after that tap on “Proceed
  8. Select a TV supplier and give your username and additionally watchword for the TV supplier account
  9. On the off chance that you don’t have your username and password, take assistance from your TV supplier
  10. Enter your activation code through your TV and pick “Activate device how
  11. Presently you can begin streaming with hbogo.com/activate.

Activate channel utilizing your Roku.com/link account:

You can add HBO GO channel to your Roku account.

  1. Basically, open your Roku account and Roku channel store.
  2. Subsequently, you can search through your HBO GO channel.
  3. When you discover, tap on Add channel alternative to include.
  4. After performing the above steps, you must follow the on-screen directions and activate HBO GO on your streaming device.

Once you performed hbogo com activate on Roku, you can enjoy your beloved TV shows, movies, videos on your big TV screen.

How You Can Setup Roku Express

Roku Express is the latest Roku model that supports 1080p resolutions. Further, Roku express player becomes with standard IR remote control. So, let’s begin to set up your new Roku Express streaming player. Additionally, these Roku models are accessible at reasonable prices.

Step by step instructions to Setup Roku Express:

Roku Express supports any TV via HDMI port. Moreover, Roku Express supports old TV models through composite cables. While you setup Roku Express, you must create Roku.com/link account. Follow steps to setup your Roku Express.


  • Initially, you need to make the connection between Roku Express streaming player and your home TV.
  • Moreover, HDMI cable will support you to make the connection. So, plug the HDMI cable into HDMI port on the end of Roku player then your home TV as well.
  • Aside from this, use composite cable to attach Roku Express streaming player to the old TV.

Pick your language:

  • Choose your language that will help you to give text input.
  • Then, use Roku remote control and press “OK” button on it.

Provide internet connection:

  • Good internet strength is required for the best streaming experience. Moreover, use the wireless network connection and connect it to your Roku Express streaming player.
  • So, just select your network name and provide username with the security password. Afterward, get connected to the internet connection.

Download latest software update:

  • Moreover, Roku streaming player has a feature to download the latest software automatically. So, you have to wait for the few minutes.
  • Furthermore, need to wait for the reboot as well as restart process.
  • At last, find Roku activation code on your Roku screen and move further to activate www.Roku.com/link account.

Create Roku account and your Roku Express:

  • Moreover, if you want to Roku Express, then you have to create Roku account because your Roku Express must attach to your Roku account.
  • Furthermore, your Roku account sustains a record of which Roku device you hold and permit you to supplement your favorite TV channels.
  • Furthermore, to activate Roku Express you need to enter the Roku activation After activating Roku account activation code is displayed on your devices such as computer and Smartphone.

More information is available on roku com link. Our Roku experts offer tons of information including upcoming Roku models.

How To Setup Your Roku TV

Searching for the Roku setup? Want to setup Roku TV on your Roku.com/link account? Oh great! You are at the best place. Well, in this article, you will find all the information related to Roku TV as well it’s set up from here.

Roku TV is a smart TV that is capable of streaming both the features and functionalities of a Roku streaming device. Moreover, from this single interface, you can access the unlimited amount of entertainment related to a cable box, gaming consoles, streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix.Com/Activate, and Vudu etc. now, let’s move towards its set up.

Initials you need for the Roku TV Setup

  1. Wireless internet connection and
  2. Roku com link account

Setup steps for Roku TV

So, find all the steps for setup Roku TV here:

Embed batteries in the Roku remote

Although you all know that Roku comes with the remote. To make it useful, you have to embed a pair of AA power batteries into the Roku remote. For that, open the battery cover and then insert the batteries.

Switch on the TV

Hit button from your Roku remote and you will see the TV’s startup screen

Select language

The startup screen will ask you for the language. You need to choose your preferred language. Scroll down for finding your preferred language and hit

Select a country

You have to select country in order to know about the available TV features in your country

Select home use

For its usage, set it for a home use

Connect to the internet

For making a connection, select your wireless connection from the list of available networks.

  • After selecting the appropriate network, type your password.
  • Now, hit “connect” option
  • One thing always ensures that your TV and Roku must be associated with the same internet connection
  • Once the successful connection has been made; you will see your Roku TV is automatically connected to the network

Download the latest software

After connecting Roku TV to the internet, it will automatically download & install the latest Roku OS software

Create a Roku account

In order to activate your Roku TV, it must be linked to Roku com link account. Moreover, your Roku account helps you to add channels from Roku channel store. Also, with the help of Roku.com/link account, you can make any transactions

You can create a roku.com/link account by visiting www.roku.com/link. Once you create your account, Roku will show a unique code on your TV screen. This code is referred as a Roku activation link code.

Hence, for activating your Roku TV, you must have to enter Roku activation code into the roku.com/link and follow the instructions appearing on your TV screen

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